Known for its stats but not for its product or technology prowess; coverage geared towards "data provided by Lex Machina" and focused on trade publications; business press interested in Lex Machina's stats as they didn't fit into broader trends coverage.


Focus on telling the Lex Machina company/product story (through bylined articles/feature stories) & the technology
story (not just the stats). Get mentions of the product (and product usage) in stats coverage in both trades & business press. With quarterly reports/trends, frame stats in the context of the product.


  • More balanced coverage in trade press
  • A wide variety of types of feature coverage in trade publications & business publications
  • Poster board coverage in Fortune Magazine
  • Company focused coverage touting ideal headlines - Lex Machina viewed as a ‘hot’ company
  • Top tier coverage in: Fast Company, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Re/Code, The Washington Post
  • Acquisition by LexisNexis