Ask the Marketer: How to Make the Most of ILTACON 2019

ILTACON is a great opportunity for the legal community to both meet and network with the right people, and to see firsthand how different technologies are reshaping the industry. In addition to e-discovery players, we look forward to seeing innovative security, payment and contract lifecycle players, insight/predictive tools, and expertise automation companies. To make the most of the show, do your homework. Decide in advance who you want to meet and go into ILTACON with an objective and a plan. By starting with a clear sense of purpose and prioritized objectives to accomplish by the end of the show, you are far more likely to make the most of your time.

Other important show tips include:

  • Know whom you are meeting with by looking under the hood and focusing on the technology. With several companies touting AI-based technology as part of their value proposition, pay attention to those companies providing more advanced capabilities that help your organization’s business goals. With so many vendors at the show, it’s important to have those technical and business-related conversations.

  • Understand what tech you need and what tech is nice to have. Instead of becoming distracted by the promises of the next best technology, think about how the technology that you are seeing at the show might realistically fit into the technology plan for your organization. Use your time wisely. The week will fly by.

  • And lastly, don’t forget to have fun! ILTACON offers several opportunities to network and unwind. See you in Orlando.

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