Is PR really what you need?

Your company wants to become an industry thought-leader and be heard above the noise of the competition. You should hire a PR firm, right?

Well, perhaps not.


Before you hire a PR company, ask yourself what the real goal is that you are trying to achieve. New leads? Raise your visibility on search engines? Build a sales channel? At this stage in your company’s growth, will media attention help or hinder your growth?

While PR will help you gain market awareness and company momentum, it can take time to yield real results. Initiating a PR program and then realizing it is not the right approach for your business right now can be a costly mistake. Before you make the decision to invest your time and money in an agency, there are few things to keep in mind:

PR is not a one-trick pony:

We hear from many companies looking to engage our services to launch new products on the market. But what happens after you launch? Generating coverage for a product or service be it a mention in an article or analyst report may result in new customers but how do you sustain that interest? Audiences are constantly bombarded with messages about the next best thing - it is all too easy to be forgotten when the hype dissipates. A launch is a great way to kick off a campaign, but in reality the post-launch campaign is where the hard work starts.


Building awareness takes time:

PR takes a long-term approach to marketing. Before we start any campaign, we ask our clients where they want to be in two years, even five. This allows us to create a thought-leadership campaign that gradually builds the story and shifts perceptions in a way that enables our clients to reach their potential and become the company they set out to be. While quick launches are part of this mix, don’t underestimate the power in a steady and sustained storytelling campaign.

PR may not be the vehicle you need to reach your core audience:

If the primary focus of your marketing goal is to generate leads, then PR may not be the right fit. Lead generation campaigns such as webinars, email offers or online advertising may be a better investment. However, if the goal is to raise awareness of your brand and offering – ‘Haven’t I have heard of you somewhere?’ or ‘Don’t you do X service?’ – then PR is exactly what you need.

So before you invest in a PR campaign, be clear on your goal and ask yourself if it is the best approach to achieve the desired result. You may be surprised at the answer.