Preparing for a successful 2017

Before you dive into the thick of work over the next few weeks, take a moment of reflection to plan for prosperous 2017.

This is the perfect time to brush up on new technology/trends that may impact your business in the future. Consider new offerings like artificial intelligence (AI) technology, bitcoin and Amazon Web Services Inc.: How do these technologies impact your product/services offering? Are they what your clients want? Will they help you create efficiencies within your organization? Learn how technologies/trends may help in order to position yourself correctly in the new year.

Assess how you stack up against the competition. Read analyst reports and articles. Start creating a comparative list of competitor features, services offerings, key differentiators, weaknesses, clients and partners. Understand how you can differentiate from your competition to gain market share in 2017.

While LegalTech and now Legalweek may be the hottest legal shows of the year, there are more industry events out there. Use this week to find and plan for the networking opportunities that will help bring you partners, clients and mindshare.

Time to roll up your sleeves and get creative as you think about how your company can stand out from the competition. Draft key messaging points you want to communicate to current clients and prospects. Refine your sales team's 30-second elevator pitch in response to, "So ... what does your company do?" Review logistics, goals for the conference and strategies on how you are going to network with current clients and new prospects. Understand how the innovative new show format of Legalweek can work for you.

And most importantly, get pumped for 2017!

This is part of Legaltech News’ Ask the Legal Tech Marketer: Preparing for a Successful New Year. For additional tips from Jennifer Marsnik of Edge Legal Marketing and Ed Colandra of Mindful Marketing Solutions, follow the link to the full article.